Start of my Journey

At this time last year i was in a bad place. I didn’t know what i wanted to be apart of, i just knew i loved health, real health that is. You constantly see these advertisements for weightless, diet programs, Pills etc.. They trick us, they don’t work or they hurt your body tremendously in the long run. I don’t blame you if you have fallen victim to them, I have too! It hard with a busy day to day life and junk food in our faces EVERYWHERE.. But believe me when i say the “easy way” will turn into a long hard road.

“Our bodies need nourishment, from real foods, not processed. I learned to love all different fresh fruits and veggies as well as healthy grains. It is about counting chemicals, not calories. “

As i started to get my diet in order and learn about ways to cook healthy plant based/vegan meals i became so much happier, healthier and awaken, just something was still missing..

I happened to be following a coach and loved watching her journey and see her helping people. “She is doing exactly what i would love to do” i thought constantly, but instead of trying i let life get in the way, for A YEAR exactly..

But this June something changed. I was tired of sitting back and letting life pass me by. I was ready for change, i was ready to help.

So here i am now, a official BeachBody coach as well as doing the awesome workout programs and drinking Shakeology . 

Within a week, there is already improvement, not just on the outside, on the inside as well.

“We all want to reach our goals, then life gets in the way. I get that, believe me. But when you start to take accountability for your life that’s when things start to change.”

If you could feel good, look great and get healthy with 30 mins or less workouts and yummy shakes that are loaded with nutrients, would you say no?

I decided to say yes, I said yes to getting healthy, feeling great and to stop putting off my goals.

The main reason i am apart of Beachbody is important to me. They have the same principles i do. We want EVERYONE to have good health. The programs are realistic, the shakes are super yummy and you can be apart of challenge groups, all kinds of different journeys, sharing our day to day life and keeping each other accountable.

If you are ready for a change it is never to late, no matter where you are right now, the next step is ahead of you. Always believe in yourself.

I would love to be apart of your journey and offer you endless support!

If you are interested in learning more about our programs check out info here – Beachbody memeber info 




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