Coconut oil as a beauty product


I’m sure a lot of women can relate when I say “why did I use those products”.  When looking back on my hair and body product choices I can truthfully admit I regret some of them. Often we only look at what the bottles “promise” us to do, not the long term effect or the harmful ingredients.

Recently I came across using coconut oil for a alternative to a lot of beauty products. I have heard a lot about using coconut oil for cooking and baking, but never thought of it as a hair or beauty product. I decided to go online and look into it. I headed to my nearest natural foods store and picked up a jar for $7. Make sure to buy pure unrefined.

I decided to first use it on my hair. I lightly wet my hair then applied a good amount all over, especially to the ends. I then clipped up my hair and left it in for 30 minutes (some people may want to give it longer). After rinsing out and doing a lite shampoo and conditioner I noticed it was still a bit greasy looking so i had to rinse and wash again. Once my hair dried I was amazed! My hair was so silky and looked so much healthier, even the texture and body changed. I do admit the frizz did not go away after the first time, but after a few weeks of doing it once a week, my frizz has definitely noticeably decreased.

Now for face skin care.

After taking a shower and cleaning my face I apply a dime size amount of the coconut oil to my face. I lightly rub it in and dot away with a towel any extra. I also alternate every other day with jojaba oil if my skin is dry. Within a week of the first use I saw a change. My skin is softer, smoother and I have a more even complexion.

Why say no to natural, one ingredient, chemical free beauty?! And you can’t beat it for under $10 a jar!

Let me know how it goes for you, I wish you the most silky hair and glowing skin possible!

xoxo- Rachel Christina

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