Protein Nice Cream – Chocolate Chip Walnut

Who doesn’t love Ice cream!?  I know i do. After going vegan I bought a lot of vegan ice cream, there is amazing options out there and my family wanted to try out every one of them. Most vegan Ice cream brands have better ingredients than non, but most still have tons of sugar. I wanted to get creative and find a alternative for special nights I want something sweet, that is when I found out about “nice” cream. Its base is frozen bananas and its pretty simple to make! After a few hit and misses, I made such a yummy batch that I decided to share the recipe. Hope you enjoy.

(You will need a blender that can go on low speed or a food processor.)

Ingredients ~

4-5 frozen bananas

1 can of coconut cream

1 scoop of vegan vanilla Shakology 

1-2 tablespoons of Agave

1/2 cup of Enjoy life mini chips

1/2 cup of crushed walnuts


Directions ~

  1. Blend bananas on slow speed, then add coconut cream. Blend until it looks creamy
  2. Add Shakeology and agave, blend for 30 second
  3. Add chocolate chip and walnuts, blend for 30 seconds (or until consistency is even)
  4. Put into dish with parchment paper.

~ Freeze for 4 hours then enjoy! ~


xoxo Rachel Christina




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