Hi! My name is Rachel Christina. First of all thank you for visiting my website.

If your wondering who i am, and what i do, let me tell you!

I am a young woman living in Oregon with big dreams. I am very passionate about health, it is a big part of my life and i love to help spread knowledge. I grew up in my teen years very unhealthy, at one time very overweight, to then crash dieting and taking “diet pills”. I know how it feels to struggle with body imagine. As i got more involved and informed my life changed. Instead of counting calories, i started to count chemicals. I started eating more whole foods and organic, then i went to plant based/vegan. Believe me when i say it is life changing. Not only am i helping myself, i am also not buying into animal torture and helping the planet. Win, win!

Once i got my diet in place i still needed something more. After a year of watching other coaches and researching i decided to join Beachbody , it offers tons of awesome workout programs and yummy shakes, and with a busy life it fits perfectly.

Other than health, i am also into music, beauty and custom designing. I currently make custom bling cases and am planning to record some songs in the near future.

I don’t believe in settling and i don’t believe you only have to have one dream. We can do anything we put our minds to.

If you want to connect with me more, feel free to check out my instagram account or facebook page 


XoXo- Rachel Christina