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Are you ready for change? Wanting to expand your mind, body and soul? Then we can do that. whether it be becoming a coach yourself or getting involved in the workout programs, you can rock it.

Want to know what it takes to be a coach? 

The most important part is self accountability. You need to be positive minded and want to help others. You can’t just tell others to workout and not be involved yourself, you have to have a leader mindset and be ready to put in work.

To become a coach, you order a awesome pack, which includes all access to BeachBody on demand (you can watch anywhere), supply of Shakeology, fixed portion containers, brochures, 2 of your very own websites (one your beachbody, one shakeology) and much more!

If you feel you can fit those shoes, i think you would be a perfect fit. Email or message me to get started today. We can work together to get you on the road to success.

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(Please include in email your name and why you want to be a coach)

Why join BeachBody workouts and drink Shakeology? 

I know this is a big question. I questioned Beachbody at first also. I never would put my name behind something i don’t believe in, that’s for sure. Once i did research and saw results i knew it was something that could help many others, including myself. I love that we have 30 minute workouts. I have had a super busy schedule this last year and cut my workouts down thinking i could never find a program that would show results in my kind of time frame. After seeing the results these workouts give with just 30 minutes a day, i couldn’t say no, and neither should you.

Don’t put yourself on the back burner any longer, no matter if you’re a busy mother, have a demanding job, feel you’re out of shape, etc… You can do it, and we will be right here to support you! Did i mention challenge groups!?

Challenge groups are a big key, it’s a free private group Beachbody coaches put together for our amazing clients. You can get involved or just sit back and be inspired. We try to update daily, along with clients, on how our workouts are going, food choices, Shakeology recipes and daily struggles. We are real and raw, we are all going in the same direction no matter where we may be.

Shakeology is one of my favorite things, it feels like a treat, actually. The flavors are amazing, i only drink the vegan ones, and i feel they are the best also. I love that new flavors keep coming out also!

Shakeology is a super food shake that can help you say on track and give your body the nutrients it needs.

If you want to learn more about workout packages, shakeology, trials and samples head to Rachel Christina’s offical Beachbody page  .

If you have questions you can also email me or reach out to me on social media.

“The sky is the limit if you’re willing to fly”